Alexander Hammid: A Modest Prophet of New Visions

Pozvánka na výstavu
Pozvánka na výstavu

Alexander Hammid: A Modest Prophet of New Visions An exhibition commemorating the 110th anniversary of the artist’s birth Alexander Hackenschmied (later Alexander Hammid), a Czech and American photographer, publicist, cinematographer and director, was born 110 years ago. He belonged among the most important personalities of Czech film and photographic avant-garde and became one of the few Czech Academy Award winners, receiving an Oscar for the film Live! The exhibition in Artinbox Gallery will present his interest not only in the artistic and experimental aspects of photography but also in social document. We will present pictures from the time that he lived and worked in Czechoslovakia, from his travels accompanying Jan Antonín Baťa around the world, and then his work from the period after emigrating to the USA in the late 1930s.

Curated by: Petra K. Hammid, Nadia Rovderova t

Exhibition is supported by: Hlavní město Praha, Městská část Praha 1, Zlín film festival