What the Eyes Cannot See: Underdrawing in Panel Paintings from the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague, 14th–16th Centuries

The exhibition Hidden from the Eyes: Underdrawings in panel paintings from the 14th–16th centuries in the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague is the first of two displays prepared within the framework of a single dramaturgic edition subtitled “Art and Natural Sciences” and located in the exhibition premises of the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia. At the end of the year, it will be followed by the exhibition Exposed to the Eyes: Decorative techniques in painting and sculpture in the 14th–16th centuries. These conceptually non-traditional exhibitions will present the results of comprehensive research of top artworks in direct contrast to their originals. Visitors will be able to see well-known artworks anew, notice hidden details and learn about the workshop procedures of mediaeval painters and sculptors. The exhibition of underdrawings will offer a unique opportunity to see hidden preparatory designs of compositions and the technology behind how selected works came to life. The exhibitions, which will include detailed monographs and many accompanying programs, including for kids, are presented thanks to the grant project “Historical technologies and modern research methods. Interpretive possibilities of specialized methods of researching mediaeval works of art employing innovative technologies” (grantor: the Ministry of Culture of theCzechRepublic, NAKI program). 

Curators: Štěpánka Chlumská & Helena Dáňová