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Kressling gallery Bratislava

Zámočnicka 8 , Bratislava, 811 03 ukázat mapu

po–pá 13–18 h


Kressling Gallery was founded in June 2007 at Grössling Street in the historical centre of Bratislava. The past of this location inspired us to use the original name of the former island Kressling as the name of our gallery. Our aim is to present and map current trends in contemporary art in Slovakia and in Europe. Our philosophy is to offer contemporary art to its contemporaries because only current art can most successfully comment on the period in which it is created and we believe that contemporary spectators are able to understand and to appreciate the art of their own generation with the introduction and guidance Kressling Gallery provides to all interested spectators. Kressling Gallery enriches the Slovak art market with its offer of the best contemporary visual arts from Slovakia and from Central Europe.

Kressling Gallery is a commercial gallery presenting visual arts in diverse media of already established artists, and searching for new talents in order to support the youngest generation of artists. Our philosophy, our pleasant environment and central location in the city of Bratislava has made Kressling Gallery an expanding meeting place for artists, experts, collectors, students and even casual art buyers who are attracted by the artworks on view. Any work of art you choose in Kressling Gallery is an investment in the cultural heritage of tomorrow