At Agnieszka Grodzińska’s open studio one can see samples of her drawing/photo projects, small size objects, collages, documentation of camera performances or effects of her work with a model. Places and pictures recalled by her, as a kind of a theme/meaning buckle, join together all the subjects that the artist analyses: art education and the discipline, justifying and sabotaging artistic pedagogical processes, by appearing in her visual attitude towards the space and found objects; in her intervening and critical shift, often barely visible for the spectators. Photos and videos from Vitkov Museum, hospital in Bohnice, Art Academy connect with fragments of the artist’s studio, which was used by her as a setting for performative actions with objects she earlier made. Some of them were used as a kind of site-specific staging, that was these quoting processes by using the space of the Karlin studios, where little, serial interferences simulate/play role of potential par-artistic rehearsals or trainings. Artist examines the absurds of relation of trainee and the trainer, that is full of interdependence and the context of  the valuing, instructional performative sabotage.