FUTURA, spodní patro vedle zahrady

Vzhledem ke krátkému trvání jednotlivých performancí, není možný přístup po 20 hodině.

V rámci výstavy Více než milenci, více než přátelé (23. června – 11. září 2016), K.r.m. Mooney spojí pár sochařských objeků. Sonja Engelhardt a Thom Kubli předvedou Netrpělivost


K.r.m. Mooney unites a pair of sculptural objects. 

I am asking how have we come to know what is ordered by strength?

To enact a separation of matter, to cut with specialized force.

On a particle physics level, an atom does not mean it cannot be split just that it cannot be cut any further without becoming something else.

To lack a throat — a sound producing apparatus – implies a neck, the co-producing systems of its environment become their remaining body

The jeweler’s work is making a series of precise cuts to transform raw material to something that holds weight and makes itself felt in a separate way than its original state.


Sonja Engelhardt and Thom Kubli perform Impatience (Ungeduld).

I’d like to carve it in the bark of every tree,

I’d etch it into every pebble,

I’d sow it in every new-tilled field,

With cress seeds that would show it quickly,

I’d gladly write it on every blank sheet of paper:


Yours is my heart


—Wilhelm Müller, from Seventy-seven poems from the posthumous papers of a traveling horn player I, 1821; set to music by Franz Schubert in 1823

No tension, no release.