Dzherelo Kyiv Project Space x Iris Free Internet curatorial program site-specifically made by Bögdana Kosmina aka Ukraïna for Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague.


We Grieve Different is a multimedia three-act ceremony starting its pilgrimage from Prague at the independent cultural platform Petrohradská kolektiv on 23 June 2024 at 16:00. We live in “Dark Times”, that is a fact, and there is no need to provide evidence from the global battlefields of Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, Israel, Mexico, USA… “We Grieve Different” has no ending point; as long as dictators are destroying Earth, we will continue to be “different” and the cosmos, χώρος, will hear our prayers!


From city to city, ephemeral collectives of conceptual artists, philosophers, writers, musicians have started to emerge. The current “Dark Times” slowly covering the leftist quernees around the Globe with its shadow, are evoking such sparkling phenomena. They grow even in the deepest darkest places with high energy levels in communities.


To get the relief of inner pain easier, and to survive mentally in 2024, Dzherelo x are welcoming you to the ceremony, that will have three acts and four guiding angels:


Exhibition by Nika Milano

Performance by Antromorth x Anatoly Belov

Electronic psychedelic music set by Cybele