Fermentation—the controlled breakdown of food by microorganisms—is an ancient and fundamental culinary practice. Fermentation is an art of time and a best example of how microorganisms act as collaborators with humans through the food. Through the fermentation, we experience the magic of time and learn about the waiting.


Making Kimchi—a Korean fermented vegetable—has been a woman’s work to support the family in Korean history. It was a care duty of nourishing the society with the plan for the whole year in an accuracy. Female bodies were production machines, weathercasters, accountants, managers, and hosts and also artists. Their roles, contributions, and results were obscured, just like the microorganisms in our food history. Whose labor and time is kimchi being supported by in 2024? And where is this leading us?


Semiotics of Kimchi Making is a workshop by the artist, whose title is inspired by the film ‘Semiotics of the Kitchen’ by Martha Rosler.


Workshop is the first output of TIC Residence and it will be in English.