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Gandy gallery Bratislava

Kocel'ova 17, Bratislava, 821 08 ukázat mapu

wed - fri:  2 p.m - 6.30 p.m

After thirteen years spent in Prague, the Gandy Gallery has decided to pursue its adventure in the new location of Bratislava. This choice is motivated by the extraordinary location of this city that is situated at the border of Hungaria and Austria, that faces the Danube, and that lies at the heart of the newly formed Europe.

This is where Nadine Gandy has chosen to open her new space, closer to the Balkans, to meet new artists and offer fresh opportunities to curators to conceive exhibition projects. This new space is a laboratory rather than a simple gallery, a meeting point for art and design and conceptors of multiple forms and projects.

The Gandy Gallery has 18 years of presence and experience in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to its gallery activities, Gandy Gallery is presently developing several projects in conjunction with governmental organizations and private companies, to organize and produce exhibitions and events that promote the artists of the region, as well institutional and private collections.