Adam Vít – Figs, foto: Jan Kolský

Adam Vít makes paintings, after many others and certainly before many others. He knows that questions about the meaning of his work can only be answered by action, in this case by image. Each answer is tautologically wrapped in itself, similar to the institutional definition of art. After all, the desire for fixed definitions is one of the traps of the human mind and the heart. And it is the art theory that causes contradictions in artistic practice. But enough was an unfortunate personification.


Adam Vít makes paintings that could be considered abstract. Their appearance is as important as the recent change in his approach to art, to painting. I would like to write that to the life as well, but that would be too much of a generalization, too much abstraction. But perhaps I can afford it in an age of slowly ending globalization, an impending climate crisis, at a time when the world we know is slowly ending – not by banging, but by whining. (text: Marek Meduna)


Více o výstavě zde.