Zveme na další přednášku z cyklu Collegium historiae artium, kterou přednese Kim Timby (École du Louvre, Paris) na téma Bringing Home the Museum: The Colour Turn in Art Reproduction in the Mid-Twentieth Century.


Color art reproduction made newspaper headlines in France circa 1950. These vivid photographs of artworks suddenly appeared to be everywhere, most notably in books and as large-format images for wall display. It had long been possible to photograph in color. However, I will argue that this kind of photography became “new” around the time of World War II because that was when it started to circulate in mass-market, printed form. The commercial success of color art reproduction was underpinned by a real demand for more naturalistic renditions—of paintings, in particular—but also by promotion by esteemed intellectual leaders who saw it as a way to democratize great masterpieces. This innovative imagery thus had important cultural repercussions, sparking a public conversation of unprecedented proportions about the value of art in modern society.


místo konání: zasedací místnost (sál 117) Ústavu dějin umění AV ČR


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