The group exhibition explores the ever-evolving relationship between inspiration and imitation in contemporary art, and how artists navigate the line between the two.


Throughout history, inspiration has been the foundation of the creative process. However, in recent times, the line between inspiration and imitation has become blurred, with some artists using the recognition of past masters to create new works, and others producing pale imitations of original pieces. This exhibition seeks to establish a distinction between original art and copies.


Fifteen artists, from a range of artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, performative art, poetry, and audiovisual, were invited to participate in the exhibition. Each artist drew inspiration from three original works of an important figure of Czech and French art: Alphonse Mucha. The artists were free to create their own interpretation of Mucha’s work, with total aesthetic freedom.


The resulting artwork will be displayed alongside Mucha’s original artwork, providing the audience with an opportunity to form their own opinions on the subject. The exhibition aims to explore whether artists should strive to create new masterpieces or use the recognition of past masters, and how this impacts the contemporary art world.


Artists: Alphonse Mucha, Matouš Háša, Adéla Oliva, Siegfried Herz, Michaela Fenkl, Hugues Mahoas, Based in 2095, Olivier Brut, Ewa Żurakowska, Payo Sanf, Néphéli Barbas, Henrique, Piotr Lencki, Dorota Cicatko, Sey, Jules Roux

Curator: Klara Mahoas