Jakub Geltner

10. 11. – 22. 12. 2018

Turbo-buildings, architecture without architects, construction materials EPS-PET-PVC-PUR of the future, satellization. These dubious phenomena, bubbling away on the edge of the cultural and conscious world, form the focus of Jakub Geltner’s Coverversion. With a robust overview of (not only) the domestic repertoire of the architecture of poor taste, bourgeois formalism and consumer hedonism, Geltner shows us fragments of contemporary construction projects and accommodation from a different perspective embedded in unexpected aesthetic affairs. As the title of the exhibition implies, the artist introduces a remake of constellations of materials and objects that surround us, that relate to us, that we physically touch every day, but that often escape our attention. Rerouting their aesthetic into shapes and narratives that revive them and extract them from the suspicious properties of building materials introduces a new spirit and breath into them. And so, for instance, a building with a soft plaster facade becomes a training target, satellite dishes now play the role of plates, garnished bowls or platters for Czech delicacies, profiles of plastic windows morph into mysterious living beings, and the vile mouldings of door panelling inspires a kind of mysterious composition and strange aesthetic.