I am an orgasmic Vision

an Illusion Breaker

a Hairy Dark Healer

Look into my Eyes

and sing me your Song

about Shame and Fear

hidden in Darkness

of your child’s Dream


and louder

I want you to scream

your deepest Secrets

right into my Face

My Tear is a Spark

that burns the World

from inside


[ha ha ha]

I am laughing at you

you’re moaning at me

and then more and more

I have the feeling

we are dancing


Feel the Fire

penetrating your Heart

You know the lustful Heat

creates the Beat

and we are dancing


Saddle me and ride me, my Boy

I will guide you

through the Highland

of Underworld

Make a secret Wish

and whisper it to the Fire

I’ll remind you the highest Pleasure

from your child’s milky Dreams

Let Wildness be the God

your Dance is a Promise

of here and now

the Point of no Return

Dance with me

in my world


Your Soul is



Cross the Styx

and kiss me


Now, you are in Trance

of your Child’s Dream

Tonight is the Time

when two Horns splice together

creating a Gate

to the Land of Healing Orgasms

where Wild Boy is a King.

You bend down and kiss his Ring

of Madness

Feel the Rhythm

pulsing from the Bottom

You are my Bottom

No more Shames

and no more Fears

in your fucking Child’s Dreams

Let yourself go, Boy

be guided by my Horse

Ride the Horse!

Horny Horse,

through the Gate

of two Horns!

I am dancing Pietà

crying flashing sparks.

Your inner Child in my arms

reborn in Flames

I can see a Reflection in your Tear

an Image of us fucking for Remembrance

no more One-sideness

no more Incompleteness

no more Sadness

in child’s Dream

you ride the Horse

You’re passing through the Gate

Body Beats making Treasures

This is the Taste of the highest Pleasure

Dancing headless

In Unconsciousness

You ride me burning

Vision of Orgasm

Trauma of Illusion

The sacrificed Soul of the Child

in my arms

The sacrificed Soul of a Child

in my arms

The sacrificed Soul of a Child

in my arms

The sacrificed Soul of a Child

is looking in my eyes

and last Words whispered to the air

The Boy is a Father of Man

Wake up!