Monika Pascoe Mikyšková (* 1983) works with monumental watercolour
painting and plant-based or “mineral” objects. Her current installations
resemble herbarium prints, moldings and casts combined with indoor
plants. The questions of human corporeality and emotional experience
interfere with the inhuman time of plants – caught and exposed, embedded
in the botanical collection or artificially fossilized by decorative
intervention. Sophisticated sculptural approach alternates with the
intuitive accumulation of natural tissues.

Veronika Vlková (* 1985) combines emotionally aligned drawings and
watercolors with complexly constructed installations in which she
imaginatively layers video, textile objects, tiny ceramics and natural
materials. She creates both narrative and freely associative structures,
she also has long been dedicated to illustration and animation,
especially in multimedial collaborative work with Jan Šrámek.
Emotionally tense interior scenes and dreamy landscapes stretched
between fateful melancholy and stoic serenity are now being shifted
towards sensitive exploration of childlike imagination and scenicly
constructed fantastic environment.