Join us for the preview of Valentýna Janů – Who Looks Out of a Window an exhibition curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas at lítost, Vlkova 23, Prague 3 – Žižkov on Saturday 22 June 2021, 2 pm.


Gardening starts within. We are looking

out of the window until it becomes interior.

Orchard as a method. Cultivating inside

out, inside of anything. Windows inside a

room. Doors inside us. A horizon as a part

of the interior design, with a rainbow. Design

as in desire, involuntary, abrupt. Fruits are

sweet so you distribute seeds. And seeds?


What happens to a social body

when it is not allowed to be social?

Think of women photographers

who took pictures of their interiors

or from their windows just because

they did not feel safe on the streets.


We created works and went to many

openings and vernissages looking out

of the window. Windows create new

beginnings, but also create distances,

openings and cuts, unlatching inside us,

transforming us inside out, until there

is no more binary, of inside or outside,

no interior or exterior, no questions or answers,

no inclusion or exclusion, no mattering or

not-mattering, no duality of a wave or

a particle of human or nature of

human or alien of human or robotic.


Thinking flowers? A table became a pet.

Subversive rainbows in shower. Flowers thinking

of gardens as shelters against domestic abuse.

Vases as vassals of domesticity. Or as vessels

of imagination, like windows. Who does not like

windows? Everyone looks out of the window.


The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic Arts Grant, the Culture Fund of Czech Republic Arts Grant, the Prague City Hall’s Cultural and Arts Grant and Key Promotion.