Artistic couples represent a natural faith in the other and a desire to create for free, without exchange, bureaucracy and exponentiation, but for the highest essence of art.
Looking from the window shell

We can see a starry night

Lots of tales of past and future


our foundations, statues of our heroes and monsters

Home is becoming kind of a mirror. Isn’t it?

When earth is in sleep

sneaky monsters are awakened.

Some may say- it’s a nightmare

but maybe

Is it an opportunity?

We surely have a lot of time to think


Global phenomenon is knocking down

the border

between what is oneiric and tangible

Living in our claustrophobic flats

ongoing stagnation

constant somnolence

Is it getting harder to tell dreams from truth?

Aren’t the dreams

projections of our personalities?

The Sleep of Reason is like a spell

which makes us

the viewers

immersively transfer

to fantasies

and nightmares as well…


Øleg&Kaśka, a Polish duo who identify themselves as an individual and singular superorganism, was founded in the summer of 2018, at a time, when Greta Thunberg organized her first protest under the Swedish parliament, and the ecological disaster was ignorantly referred to in the mainstream as a mere “crisis.” (…) is nothing more than a pleading cry from Millennial artists who are being slowly killed by the present. The collapsing colonnades of ancient buildings, the heat of the Earth, the smell of burning plastic – the apocalyptic imagination engages all the senses, seizing our thinking completely. The artists turned their fears into imagining their escape from what is coming. And what is coming is war, more social protests and revolts; as a result of global warming, water will reach people’s throats. But, importantly, Øleg&Kaśka do not play artistic activism. (…) They do not moralize the viewer nor do they call for a change in our behavior and conversion of our beliefs. The reason is that they do not put their hope in a global (or, better, planetary) change, but in what is beyond the decaying planet. The Earth is now only a cemetery of ideas as well as civilizational and cultural achievements.”

(Daria Grabowska)


It was written in the stars

We are connected

connected by laser from a distant galaxy

Separately we don’t exist

Our artistic practice is mainly about building narrations

something like a fairy tales or Netflix series

Paintings, objects etc.

which we are doing are like an actors who

play a specified roles in our shows

We are the hottest brand

Øleg&Kaśka is the future.