“Walking through empty streets at high noon. No sound in sight. Everyone is gone. The air shimmers under the searing touch of sun. The heated sprawl choked in tightening loops of silenced highways. Gleaming steel pillars thrust into liquid asphalt, making whirls on that oily sea smelling of burnt rubber… Can you still feel the taste of melting glass on your lips?”


For this year’s PAF New York event BCAA system created with the contribution of their guests an online web-accessible virtual environment, where the spectator-player witnesses a sort of a sinkhole collapse and falls into a very different ghostly world inhabited by peculiar unknown creatures and life forces. This sinkhole as a literal and metaphorical portal or a gate swallows us into a parallel yet usually invisible (or perhaps just ignored) reality beneath the surface of everyday routine, forcing us to encounter the uncanny and uncover it as something we are also inherently tied to and composed of – a shadowy realm of things too vast, too subtle or too abstract for us to comprehend, which we need to start noticing nevertheless.



BCAA system


Contributing artists:

galen tipton

Jonáš Gruska


Matyáš Maláč

medieval cortex



BCAA system is a polyfunctional collective existing on the frontiers of contemporary alternative music, art and theory.  

Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Olomouc Region.