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Thursday to Saturday

Hope Is Bad is the title of the show as well as one of the newest paintings by Zofia Pałucha. The artwork, like most of the artist’s paintings, escapes simple interpretations and meanings. Pałucha is an artist who, having the world literally at hand, on the screen of a laptop and smartphone, actually uses its complexity in her art. Her work characterizes non-linear and non-obvious thinking. By using the language of contemporaneity in painting, she evokes a specific fear and excitement of the unknown. The fear that I like so much because it introduces me to a state of confusion and when digested with time, opens up new areas in my head.


The more progressive and bold actions in the space of culture, the faster we treat them as everyday life and the more our mentality changes. A rebellion against conventions and a lack of imagination is a rebellion against nationalisms and all diseases plaguing modern societies. Only those who create with the eagerness to change improve the world. They change how we view and evaluate reality, making us more open, sensitive and simply better.


Zofia Pałucha b. in 1993 in Częstochowa. She has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. She lives and works in Wrocław. Since 2020 she has been in collaboration with the Piktogram gallery in Warsaw. Recently, artist’s works have been presented at a solo show at the Art Brussels (2020), solo show at Piktogram (2020) and a group show at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum (2021). web / ig 


curator: Krystian Truth Czaplicki