Nikola Logosová se inspirovala textem od Palmbomen II a vystavěla na něm svou vlastní představu. Snažila se tak zachytit pocit, který v ni zanechal.




Nature is the one thing we always have. You can build things – one day it’ll all be destroyed, but nature always survives.


I’m able to communicate with beings outside this world. I wanna show them the one thing they don’t have. Nature.


So here I am working on my project. I know it doesn’t look like much, but imagine…they haven’t seen nature before.


I’m trying to give them an invitation and a virtual tour about what it’s like to be here and what they can expect when they get here.


I even drew ’em in here so they can visualize the size of everything and they could better understand and imagine what it’s like to be here.




Výstava je součásti výstavního bloku zaměrující se na součastnou ilustraci.