At first sight, it might appear that excluding Pluto from the planets is an agreement of scientists, a matter of fundamental classification. Fact creation for a more useful access to the world seems to me more honest than the uncovering of "true" relations that the popular scientists evanglize. The question of monopolium rises, and a dominant world interpretation, by which a majority feels unrepresented, excluded, and thus conspires their own, often very unuseful truth. Since out of showing weakness a deeper trust can be born, we suggest the International Astronomy Union to revert their decision, and include Pluto into the planet category. 

The discussion around Pluto and its planetary status should not stop at the exchange of experts.
You are hereby invited to join for the live discussion at Karlin Studios about the nature of facts, about useful knowledge, about science as part of culture, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. 

Talks will be held by: 
Tereza Stöckelová
András Cséfalvay
Liudmila Savelieva
Jozef Mrva

This discussion is held in the frame of András Cséfalva y: A Case of Pluto, exhibition open at Karlin Studios until the 25th of November. In the exhibition video chambers, you may as well listen to contributions about the topic of Pluto from: 

Ambassador to the Galactic Senate
Matthew T.Segall, CIIS
Michael Brown, Caltech
Lukáš Likavčan, BAK
Kirby Runyion, Nasa New Horizons