Jiří Kovanda in the Door of VŠB

Jiří Kovanda ve dveřích VŠB
Jiří Kovanda ve dveřích VŠB

Having exhibited at Tate Modern, he has now made it to the doorway of Ostrava University. The most successful Czech artist of the second half of the 20th century Jiří Kovanda makes an intervention in the revolving door of the VŠB (Technical University of Ostrava), now turned into a gallery.

The past fifty years have shown that any space can become a gallery. A deserted storage, a closed school, a gasholder, a water reservoir, a funeral hall, a deserted showcase, a bus stop, or a puddle – to find good examples from Ostrava. We would be sorry not to use the extended hand, and that’s why beginning from October we will make a gallery from the revolving door of the rectorate building of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava in the Ostrava-Poruba campus. In the first phase, we will invite, on a regular basis, primarily outstanding Czech artists to cooperate. It is then only logical that we start with Jiří Kovanda, perhaps the most important figure whose work and opinions have exerted a major influence on the entire Czech art scene and whose global renown is striking.

Curated by: Marek Pokorný